December 06, 2022

10 tips to prepare for your Toledo winter move

While many of us Midwesterners dislike the winter, we are prepared for it. We all have our routines in late Fall of battening down the hatches, winterizing water lines and swapping out the lawnmower for the snowblower. But if you are moving to or from Toledo in the upcoming winter months, you will want to share some of that focus to winter prep towards your winter move. Long before your local movers or cross-country movers arriving on your doorstep, you need to be ready for the day. Pour a warm coffee and let’s write down a checklist of ways to make sure you’re all set for a moving day that even the Snow Miser will not ruin!


✓ Dress in layers

During the loading and delivery process, your doors will have to be open for most of the day. It will get pretty cold in your home! Be sure you dress in layers to keep warm and toasty!

Bonus tip: Keep an extra space heater or blanket in an interior room, such as a bedroom, and be prepared to spend the majority of your time in there while the movers work.


✓ Truck access

If your move is scheduled shortly after a substantial snowfall, you should look around your neighborhood for large snowdrifts or snow piles. Especially if your neighborhood is professionally plowed, many places, such as cul-de-sacs, could have massive piles of snow in the street. This might alter how your local mover or cross-country mover can get to your house. Take note of any major snow piles or drifts that were not present when you performed your in-home or virtual estimate, and tell your local or cross-country mover as soon as you can in order to avoid any surprise problems.


✓ Have driveway and all walkways cleared and salted

Our movers will be going from your house to the parked moving truck all day. Making sure they have a safe, clear path to walk is vital to ensure their safety, and the safety of your household items.


✓ Utilities

Be sure to follow the extended forecast, particularly forecast temperatures. If a polar vortex is imminent, you may want to keep your utilities, such as gas or water, on. Alternatively, be sure these utilities are turned on at your new home before the temps drop too low and cause damage. No one wants to get to their new home and find the pipes have burst!


✓ Floor Protection

Your movers will protect your home, with things such as old cardboard on top of wood and rug runners to protect carpet. That said, you might want to put down some some small rugs or extra carboard just outside your exterior doors, to further reduce the amount of slush, salt, and water in your house. Even a flattened box in your attic can be a nice buffer for wiping off shoes before coming inside!


✓ Pack Strategically

There are probably belongings you might wish to pack separately, or pack last. Items like your snow shovel, sweaters, warm socks and boots, gloves and winter hats could be things you would like to keep accessible. This way you’re always equipped for the fluctuating weather!


✓ Plan for Darkness

While the majority of your packing happens indoors, don’t forget about your attic, yard, garage, and shed! Because winter means darker, shorter days, please plan ahead and pack those exterior areas hours of the day that you have hours of daylight left.

Also, local movers will face a special winter challenge. For a lot of customers, your local move takes place over the span of a single day; where your local movers load, drive and deliver all on the same day. But with several hours of less light, some moves simply cannot be wrapped up on the same day during this time of year. If your local mover is advising you have to split your move over a few days, this is likely why. It’s not safe for local movers to carry large items when it’s dark, so it is recommended to move your things over the span of two shorter days instead of one long day.


✓ Take extra care packing breakables

A lot of fragile possessions, such as snow globes or wine, can be sensitive to big changes in temperature. Plan to wrap delicate items carefully, add more protection with paper, rags, towels and bubble wrap.


✓ Keep extra towels handy

Rugs are one of the last things the movers will load on the truck. This means once the local movers or cross-country movers leave your house, anybody coming into your house will have nowhere to wipe their feet. Lay down some old towels for people to wipe their feet, cutting down the snow, slush and salt from getting inside!


✓ Expect the Unexpected

If your cross-country movers have left for your new home, then it is your turn now. But do not be caught off guard on your drive to your new place. If you’re looking at a long drive ahead of you this winter, you should make sure you have your emergency kit and supplies with you. We have heard the horror stories regarding highways ending up shut down for hours, leaving hundreds of drivers stranded. Do not let this be you! Here is a checklist for your car safety kit:

  • Bottles of water
  • Flashlight
  • Towels
  • Blankets
  • Short handled snow shovel (one that fits nicely in your trunk, making it handy if you get stuck!)
  • Snacks, especially ones higher in protein
  • Empty, clean bottle or bowl with a lid (for, bathroom emergencies, especially if you have small kids)
  • Baby wipes


What is the recommended way to get ready for your upcoming move this winter? Partnering with Corrigan! We’ll walk you for every step of the process, creating a simple, hassle-free experience from start to finish. Don’t hire movers that will leave you stranded in the cold. Contact Corrigan today!