Customs Compliance Support

When anticipating intercontinental relocation, it can be very exciting. And, it can be intimidating, too. Know that when picking Corrigan Moving as your international moving company, you’re picking to have a partner during every stage of the endeavor. Our years of international moving expertise allows you to have the assurance to start the process knowing that your possessions will be handled carefully on their international voyage.

We began moving household goods in 1929. Over the years, we have grown our service solutions and have helped countless neighbors and individuals move overseas. If this is your first international move, or if you are an expert journeyer, Corrigan will talk you through every phase to ensure you have the right expectations with the relocation process and confident that your items will clear customs and arrive at your new home safely.

One contact, Global Relocation Specialist

Crucial to the success of your move is your single point of contact with Corrigan. You will be partnered with a Global Relocation Specialist. This individual has extensive experience serving families like yours in moving overseas. They are familiar with the complicated customs and immigration policies in each unique country and will make sure you are confident for what lies ahead. You will be confident knowing that your shipment and paperwork will be handled completely, so your delivery can happen as soon as possible.

We deliver total customs clearance assistance

For the duration of your relocation process, your Global Relocation Specialist will be sure that your shipment meets all the regulations to have clearance through customs. In the unlikely event that a visual examination is required by customs, your GRS will stay in communication with you, so you will anticipate every step. We can reduce the number of our shipments that are held for a visual examination at customs by making sure that each step of the move process and all the paperwork meet their requirements.


Begins with your inventory – what you can pack and what is is prohibited

Seamless and efficient international moves start with a complete in-home or virtual home survey. During this process, our international moving consultants will look at all the things in your home that is relocating. They will build an inventory of all segments of your move – air freight, sea freight, and storage. This will be a beginning point to start dialogue with your Global Relocation Specialist about what specific items you want to include in each shipment. In addition, you will be provided with the specific requirements for the destination you are relocating to. Each country has exclusive and distinctive regulations for what items you are or are not permitted to move into the country. Knowing this information up front means you’ll be prepared ahead of move day.

On move day, the movers will execute all the needed inventory paperwork and carefully pack everything

The next stage of being sure your documentation is accurate and complete happens on pack day and move day. Your movers will be specifically trained on the special documentation requirements for international moves. They will ensure that the inventory is complete. One main component of this is that our crews are obligated to pack or visually verify each box in the container. This allows our crews to ensure that no item is going to be moved that is not allowed into your destination. Additionally, it gives us the ability to accurately detail every item on your inventory – an essential aspect of following through on customs enforcements.

Global Relocation Specialist will make sure everything is completed to limit delays

Your Global Relocation Specialist will make sure all the paperwork is correct and finalized. Next, they will talk with you about the timing of both your air and sea shipments. Delays will be reduced because Corrigan Moving is dedicated to being sure your relocation is set.

Begin planning your worry-free move with our resource library

Browse through our hand-picked collection of resource materials put together to assist with your move planning. Our Moving Tools include packing instructional videos, moving checklists, and important documents.