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Every move, whether is a local or interstate move, is different and original. Likewise, everybody will have unique needs and requirements during their relocations. Local moving ventures are often underestimated because of their capability of being quick, simple, and stress-free. For a local relocation to exceed expectations, one ought to get the necessary service. Whether you are requiring a bit of moving services or are planning a full-service move, feel free to contact Corrigan Moving. By working with our movers in Waterville, residents have learned. You can receive as much moving assistance as necessary - at a fair cost. Contact us for a free moving estimate and allow our experts create a plan based on your unique requirements.

We’ll design a moving plan created to your needs

Due to our focus on your priorities, we ensure tailoring a unique moving plan an integral part of our services. Regardless of which move strategy you select, you are going to receive a completely tailored plan of action. Keep in mind that our moving professionals will prioritize the details, as well as work on the resolution of possible challenges before your move starts. Our mission is to prevent issues from coming up, as it is simpler to avoid obstacles than it is to solve them during the move.


Corrigan Moving provides several different quality moving plans

As a business that has been in the industry since 1929, we have committed ourselves to show you how simple moving can be. We aim to deliver top-rated services over numerous locations. We are one of the best moving companies Waterville has to offer, and we offer assistance in additional Michigan, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio locations. We offer multiple moving services that focus on different moving types and needs, including:

 Our professionally trained movers undergo intensive training at the dedicated Corrigan Academy instructional apartment. Here employees learn the highest quality skills and expertise of the moving process, so you can be confident that your move will be as smooth as it can be.


Pay for only the services you want with our movers Waterville

For some people, a full-service moving package is the ideal option, and often, the only way that results in a smooth move. On the other hand, there are some individuals who want to handle as much of the moving process themselves. These people simply want a little assistance with a few parts of relocation, such as shipping, or the loading/unloading portion.

Regardless if you want unlimited moving help or a bit of assistance only, don't hesitate to contact us. We are a moving company in Waterville that will provide with both comprehensive and simple moving tasks. Our moving professionals can prepare your home for moving, load them into the moving truck, and transport that truck to the designated location. Throughout the process, we will always keep you informed on the status of your belongings.


Select between local and cross-country moving services

Servicing Waterville, we are proud to give service for our neighborhood. We realize not every situation will need to move across town. Some families face a cross-country move that requires additional preparedness and organization. Regardless if you are moving to a local or distant home - our movers in Waterville are able to take care of your moving needs. We provide our customers with both local and long-distance moving services in the Waterville area.

For all moves with Corrigan Moving, you are connected with a professional move coordinator that will be your personal assistant throughout your move. Your coordinator will ensure everything is organized and prepared for every portion of your relocation, as we know that everyone can use personalized assistance during your move.


Enjoy prompt and value-added moving services in Waterville

When looking for Waterville moving companies, it is normal that you want to find a company with budget friendly prices. Also, you are desiring to have a move with dependable deliveries. Our Waterville movers will work quickly. We can move your precious possessions in the guaranteed timeline, at the agreed price. Request a no-obligation moving quote to get an accurate price quote and leave the rest to us.


Corrigan Moving will arrange that you have a seamless relocation

Moving out of your home and settling into a new one is not a favorite process. Truthfully, it is typically a challenging time period in one's life, which is why this undertaking calls for moving professionals. When in need of hiring the most experienced movers Waterville has, don't hesitate to reach out. Corrigan Moving will put a team of highly accomplished and skilled moving professionals for your move. Our mission is for you to enjoy a stress-free move and a smooth transition to your new house.

No matter where you are, or where you are going, Corrigan Moving’s Midwest locations are able to move you wherever you want to move across the globe.

Start planning your worry-free move with our library of resources
Browse through our curated collection of resource materials designed to help with your move planning. Our Moving Tools include packing instructional videos, moving checklists, and important paperwork.