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Undergoing a relocation can be a significant undertaking. Whether or not you are moving to the next block or to another state, there’s a lot of things to factor in. More often than not, relocations are thought to be draining and undoubtedly challenging endeavors. But they don’t need to be when you’ve the best moving team by your side. At Corrigan, Findlay, we take a lot of pride in moving and our ability to deliver seamless, unruffled relocations for you. When it comes to movers in Findlay, you will be hard-pressed to find a mover that is able to compete with our knowledge and experience. If you are looking to make your move as uncomplicated as possible, all you must do is call Corrigan Moving of Findlay today!

Who are we?

Corrigan Moving was formed back in 1929. We are closing into 90 years of service. What formed as a modest operation from a garage and a few ice delivery trucks amidst the Great Depression has grown into is the best moving company in Ohio. We’ve perfected our craft through time and have obtained the essential equipment to facilitate almost any relocation task. When you need to move oversized equipment internationally or relocate your home or office, you can trust Corrigan Findlay to handle the move precisely as agreed upon.

For 90 years, we’ve remained committed to always doing the right thing by our customers, despite anything else. This is unmistakable in all the supportive customer reviews we’ve received . Our founder, Frank "the Chief" Corrigan, understood that the company had to play a compelling part in the advancement of our local communities. This mindset is continued throughout the Corrigan family, delivering outstanding moving services and partaking in charity work.


Our team of movers

Corrigan Moving's team selection method is certifiably rigorous. We coach our crews to the greatest moving and storage standards. We practically decide the standard, to be exact. Our strategy is to never facilitate "on-the-job-training", which is never a good idea in the moving industry. We coach our movers in-house, at our headquarters training facilities in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Our crews learn how to correctly pack, how to move oversized belongings without possible mishaps, and many more useful moving techniques. Training is not over until the trainee is 100% up to our high principles.

The principle element of why we do this is we consider moving to be an art. That means our team of movers have all the appropriate skills and knowledge prior to arriving at your home. While this is certainly not the most cost-effective way of doing things, it is the best way of doing things right by our customers. At Corrigan Moving, we are fully committed to providing the grandest benefit to our customer.

But technique and coaching can only get you so far. Our moving team is also compassionate. They care about your items like they were their own and will ensure that they are delivered damage-free and on time. The Chief's code is unassuming, after all. Always do the right thing.


Moving services Findlay knows and trusts

If planning a move, you will want access to an assortment of moving resources. That means that you will want to hire a mover that supports a moving service for any of your needs. At Corrigan Moving, we divide our lines of business into home moving and business solutions. We offer:


Household Goods Moving Services

  • Local moving - If you are needing to relocate within Findlay or in the nearby area, our local moving services are there to provide you with the best combination of quality and affordability.
  • Long-distance moving – Our bundle of services includes advising with building and tailoring an unmatched moving plan, all while optimizing your moving budget.
  • International moving – Allow our team to help you with all the details you may require in regards to international relocations, no searching is required on your behalf. Of course, we will also facilitate the safe and timely relocation of your belongings.
  • Vehicle shipping - We offer a line of built-in lift gate trailers, operated by experienced drivers. We will deliver your auto carefully to a new location, without any incidents.
  • Storage services – If you are needing the greatest protection for your items while you are away, you should consider storing them at our secure storage facility.


Business and Commercial Moving Options

  • Office moving - We approach office relocations with complete safety, hustle, and preparation. Expect your work downtime to be minimized when working with Corrigan Moving of Findlay.
  • Employee relocation - Our proficiency in relocation will allow your employees to focus on their normal responsibilities while we handle all the moving requests.
  • Military moving - Corrigan Moving's GSA Quality Management Team is capable of handling all government relocations with the utmost confidentiality, as well as the highest degree of professionalism and nobility.
  • Logistics - Our highly-regarded logistics services will impress when handling complex logistics projects.
  • Library relocations - Corrigan Moving Toledo has thorough knowledge when it comes to relocating libraries and equipment. Our moving team will keep everything in order from beginning to end, eliminating unintended tasks from being created.
  • Medical Centers and Laboratories – Our team provides services for relocating any medical machinery such as dialysis machines, MRI machines, freezers as well as any other related equipment.
  • Warehousing and Distribution – Our proprietary internet-based warehouse management system at your service. The online tool can be personalized to accommodate the needs of any partner and provide them with necessary product and inventory visibility.

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As you are aware, when it comes to moving companies Findlay has to offer, your best choice is Corrigan Moving of Findlay. We might not always be the cheapest company on the market, at the same time we do offer the greatest value for your money. Call for your free moving quote now and experience the difference what makes Corrigan Moving the best moving company in Findlay!

No matter where you are, or where you are going, Corrigan Moving’s Midwest locations are able to move you wherever you want to move across the globe.

Start planning your worry-free move with our library of resources
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