Choosing Your Employee Relocation Services Partner

How to Choose An Employee Relocation Services Provider

When selecting a moving and storage provider for your employee relocation program, it’s important to look at their qualifications. A good partner should be experienced in household goods relocations and financially sound, while also having the hauling fleet required to service your company.  When those conditions are found, look deeper to see who would be an excellent provider for your employee relocation program.

  • What is the business's culture, do they match with yours?
  • What does client assistance mean to them?
  • How is quality service demonstrated?

Culture and Values

How your employee relocation services company appreciate their staff will have an influence on the overall service you should expect for your transferees and new hires. The level of care and respect that is provided by a service provider is the basis upon which its workers will perform. As a fourth-generation family owned and operated company, Corrigan’s employees are more than just employees, they’re a part of the Corrigan family. Corrigan’s workers have been awarded the top individual honors possible from United Van Lines – several of them more than once!

At Corrigan we know that our staff is our strength. All movers have warehouses, everyone has trucks, and they all have equipment. It’s the Corrigan team members that sets us apart, from the movers carrying furniture to the coordinators behind the scenes, Corrigan’s staff genuinely care about their work, and you can see it in each employee relocation performed.

Customer Services

Good customer service is the basis upon which all good relocations start. Yet deciphering which companies can offer you good customer service can be a arduous thing. So what exactly does strong customer service look like from your employee relocation service provider and how is good customer service implemented?

Top tier customer service is stamped throughout Corrigan. Whether it’s our front-line moving teams working in the homes of our customers, or our staffs working behind the scenes working on the dispatching or marketing for Corrigan, customer service is provided at each and every opportunity on each relocation performed.

  • Home Survey

    As your preferred relocation services provider, Corrigan will complete either a standard in-home survey or a virtual survey. With people depending more and more on the internet, virtual surveys are becoming a popular method of surveying. Corrigan’s experienced survey crew work with the transferees to put together a detailed  inventory. These have shown themselves to be accurate, because we continually compare estimated weight in relation to actual weight after the relocation occurs. This allows us to continually  build upon our skills and estimating accuracy.
  • Estimate Review

    After the initial review is finished and the detailed inventory  is prepared, a employee of the Corrigan staff will put together the quote for the move and discuss them with the transferee. We are determined, as your employee relocation services company, to always give fair value every time while also delivering the top-tier quality Corrigan is known for. Our employees will work to supply all transferees with resources that will assist them to stay within their budget.
  • Pre-Move Counseling

    Each transferee will be paired with a personal move coordinator who will work directly with him/her throughout each phase of the relocation. Rest assured, as your chosen employee relocation services provider, Corrigan’s staff of relocation coordinators are some of the best in the industry and have been awarded on more than one occasion for being the highest quality inside the United Van Lines system of agents!
  • Pack, Load and Delivery Day

    Come move day you can rest easy knowing that our drivers are ready to manage everything for you. We are pleased to be part of an a great group of moving and storage companies nationwide that are dedicated to regularly instructing our front-line drivers. Through the Kathleen Corrigan Training Center, crews practice the basics of the moving industry before arriving at a customer’s house. No other relocation business gives the level of hands-on coaching that the Corrigan Academy gives.

With Corrigan as your employee relocation services company, you will be able to rest assured that you have a well-rounded team of high-quality professionals working both for you and for your transferees. From the initial phone call to the final delivery, as your employee relocation services company, Corrigan’s crew of professionals will work with your transferees to ensure they have the details they want when they want it. When our customers say, “…this was the best move ever!,” we notice we’ve supplied a smooth employee relocation and great client assistance!

Quality Support

Corrigan prides itself by offering quality service with each move. We are a dedicated employee relocation services provider with ongoing quality initiatives. Corrigan knows that our ability to routinely elevate the moving experience is founded on our capability to attract, train and retain the best people in the moving industry.

Staff growth and development is taken seriously within the Corrigan organization. Each member of our crew undergoes a background check, alongside pre-employment and random drug testing of all drivers. We’ve also built a state-of-the-art instruction facility within our headquarters to guarantee our teams are equipped with the necessary abilities and know-how to guide our customers through the moving process prior to entering the field. Our entire team of experienced, trained and dedicated crew is dedicated to raising the bar in the industry and showing how good the relocation experience can be.

Our staff have the training and tools to offer the quality service Corrigan is known for. Maintaining and investing in quality equipment is an essential business practice for all moving and storage  organizations. Corrigan considers its annual capital investments in equipment as a differentiator as well as a recruitment opportunity for attracting and holding operators and staff.

Several subjects must be reviewed when picking the appropriate employee relocation service partner for your business. Beyond the fundamental aspects of picking a moving company, it is important to review your potential provider's values and tradition as well as how they value quality and customer service. Identifying some of the prospective provider's beliefs should prove to be a worthwhile exercise when choosing the ideal employee relocation services partner.

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