Healthcare Movers

At Corrigan Moving, we know the complexities that come with relocating highly sensitive files and equipment for our clients in the healthcare industry. The sensitive nature of medical equipment coupled with the high value of individual pieces alone requires partnering with an accomplished relocation business. Not only does Corrigan have a proven track record in relocating healthcare equipment, we’re also versed with confidentiality laws directing the medical industry. With more than 90 in operation, Corrigan has the expertise and capabilities required to relocate healthcare offices, equipment and laboratories throughout the city as well as all over the world.

Effective Medical Moving Strategies

Regardless if you are relocating your office, investing in medical equipment or upgrading a laboratory, it’s a large business choice. Similarly, the relocation company you choose to move your equipment should be knowledgeable, familiar with the needs of the healthcare industry, and have your top support in mind.

Corrigan has created a commercial relocation process specially built to meet the needs of the healthcare community. Although straightforward in its complete approach, our strategy is tailored to your precise space and what is being transported. Our consultants will work together with you to create a custom relocation blueprint that reduces downtime, complies with all regulations and addresses the best handling and transportation protocols necessary for moving fragile medical or laboratory pieces.


You can expect your relocation plan to follow a consistent process of that outlined below:

Corrigan will assign a project manager for your medical relocation. This expert will be your primary point of contact through the complete relocation process.


Before Relocating

Your project manager will be responsible for planning with you to assess the project necessities, itemizing inventory, carrying out a location walk through, as well as constructing a complete cost estimate for the project.

Upon Naming Corrigan as Your Mover

The project manager will reach out to solidify your relocation plan. This will encompass critical specifics such as preferable dates and times, points of entry, elevator usage and various relevant details relative to guaranteeing an optimal strategy is in place.

Once all the specifics are addressed and planning is complete, the project manager will work with the local operations team to propose and book all labor and materials to complete the move.

While Your Relocation is Happening

An on-site crew leader will be dedicated to your job who will have direct contact to Corrigan’s operations team during the project. Reliant on the complexity of the job, your project manager might be on-site the entire time, or at key times, throughout the move process.

Close to the completion of the relocation, a crew member of Corrigan will join your staff on a location walk-through. Together they will analyze the location, make certain duties have been finished as arranged and evaluate any unresolved assignments before departing the location.

After The Relocation is Complete

Once the move has been completed, our project manager will collaborate hand-in-hand with Corrigan’s in-house billing department to ensure correct billing of the job. And, if the concern should appear and a claim is filed, your project manager will help with the stages and be at your side until the claim has been settled.


Renowned Moving & Storage Company

Created during the Great Depression to manage the difficulties of people searching for a better life, Corrigan was swiftly enlisted by top manufacturers and retailers based in the greater Detroit region in need of delivering goods to the areas of their customers. Therefore, Corrigan quickly increased to become a top residential goods carrier, and solidified its position in the roots of Detroit’s commercial relocation business. Today, Corrigan Moving is Michigan’s largest relocation and storage company with offices through the Midwest, including Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. An establishing member of United, Corrigan is one of the largest van line agents, and transports nearly all the moves reserved through Corrigan.

An accomplished family business, Corrigan remains true to its establishing mantra of doing what’s right for our customers.


Expertly Educated Commercial Movers

Corrigan believes in persistently raising company values. Through the efforts of our Corporate Trainer and our practical training building located within Corrigan’s corporate headquarters, we are able to expand the solutions delivered by our moving crews.

Every new member of our business invests at least of two days of hands-on learning at the Corrigan Academy Training Center. From administration and operations, to hands-on packing and correct lifting, our movers are provided the knowledge, necessary abilities, and the guidance to enter the trade prepared to work.

Due to our elevated commitment to training, the impeccable service provided by our commercial team is unparalleled in the local market.


Choose Corrigan Today

Please contact us today to talk through your approaching healthcare office, equipment or laboratory moving needs. We are proud of the work we complete and perform every relocation with the utmost care. When relocating medical offices, as well as sensitive equipment, Corrigan’s movers will exercise their knowledge and experience with the greatest attention to detail. Contact us and experience the craftsmanship of Corrigan.

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