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Relocating even a small-scale library can be a particularly complex and detailed process. Sustaining Dewey Decimal integrity during the relocation is imperative for an organized and time-sensitive delivery. Books have far greater value than what their monetary worth might indicate, a fact that Corrigan Moving is fully aware of. Our library movers are here to securely move your full collection to the new space, regardless of the size, complexity, or scope of the undertaking. Contact us today and receive a complimentary quote to begin!

A century of moving knowledge at your disposal

Corrigan Moving unlocked its company to the public all the way back in 1929. At the business’ creation, our creator Frank The Chief Corrigan charged us with a simple, yet powerful value: Always do the right thing. This mantra steered us from a modest garage we formed in to becoming the biggest relocation company in the Midwest. These days, we are capable of performing any transfer, despite its category and scope.

When we started concentrating in library moves, we found the requirement for a company that can finish tasks in a smooth, quick, and careful way. Our library movers are qualified in building custom, tailored moving methods, assuring that your requirements are always exceeded. That is what doing the right thing requires. Each library is distinct and needs a personal strategy when it comes to transferring it. Our library moving solutions are completely scalable. Each customer of Corrigan Moving receives exactly what they need.

With the materials at our disposal, we can handle library relocations throughout the United States and also around the globe. Regardless if you must transfer a local library to another location or a complex research library to a different country, you can rely on us to make it easier for you.


Rare collections relocation

When your library features special collection materials, moving them is an undertaking that must be done with maximum protection. Each of the delicate pieces need delicate handling and expert hands. Furthermore, the vulnerable nature of these articles usually needs specific moisture and climate control. So, you want a library relocation business that supplies all the needed resources.

When you collaborate with Corrigan Moving, you receive all those resources in one solution. You will not need to employ numerous relocation partners and hinder events even further. We can truly meet all your needs and specifications head-on. Strategizing a move should be something that you like. Our staff are all highly-trained individuals, with thorough knowledge in relocating rare articles. Our company policy is to never hire any day laborers or contract out our moving projects: it is the sole way we can trust we do right by our clients.


Deinstallation, transportation, and installation

Despite managing all the challenging logistics, our library movers will help you with all the required undertakings that a library move needs. This includes deinstallation of the library's shelving units, in addition to moving furniture, technology gear, and the excess infrastructure. In essence, our crews will be with you until your new locations are totally set to accept the books and resume business operations. We can facilitate these relocations anywhere in the U.S. or internationally. For international moves, we have a wide network of the finest revered partners that help with portions of the process.

Certainly, the books themselves will be kept totally organized through the process, until the moment emerges for them to be positioned back on the shelves, in the same sequence.


Your renowned professionals

Should this be the first time you're facilitating a library relocation, there will be many uncertainties. You may want someone to advise you on how to move forward, and how to make the best from the transfer. With Corrigan Moving servicing your relocation, you will regularly have access to qualified wisdom and guidance. We will guide you through the preparation process, accomplishment, as well as verification. Our experts will help you create an audit trail for your records, move your items with caution and protection, and help you achieve a smooth and orderly relocation.

Transferring books, shelving, and technological gear are but one part of a library move. If you also want to move offices, we can assist with that, too!


Additional Moving Solutions

As a full-service moving organization, we offer workplace services. We are your "one-stop-shop" whenever you are planning a moving project. Below is what we can presently offer:

Normally, you would be required to contact several transportation organizations to facilitate all these solutions. However with Corrigan Moving, you don't have to. We can assist you with any type of transportation project, regardless of how complicated, intricate, or tedious it could be.

If you have a more unusual need, share it with us! We are constantly developing the scope and variety of our solutions, all to bring us a step toward our value of always doing the right thing for our customers. When you come to Corrigan Moving with a relocation project, concern, or obstacle, you can be sure it’s looked after in the best possible way.

If you’re hunting for accomplished, accomplished, and compassionate library movers, all you should do is give Corrigan Moving a call. We will help you arrange, manage, and execute a move process you will be completely content with. Reach out to us today and reserve your easy library move!

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